Knowing When to Spend and When to Cut Back

When you run a business, finances are of the utmost importance and so is maintaining your books. If you don’t have accurate accounting, everything is going to suffer, from payroll to production. Finances are tied up with everything, and if you don’t spend sensibly, you might end up not having sufficient funds for some aspect of your business. And then that aspect will suffer.

This is why it’s very important to decide exactly where in your business you want to spend more money and where you want to cut back. This is something a business owner should take stock of every month.


Do you feel like you have the right number of employees to get things done? Do you feel like there is some overlap of duties between your employees? Maybe some of them could work part-time and you could still get all the work done if everyone knew exactly what they were doing?

It can be tricky to fire employees or reduce their hours. But this might be something that the employee might be thinking about doing on their own. So there’s no harm in having a conversation about it.

Raw Material

If you’re making a product, you’re probably buying raw material from somewhere. For example, if you run a restaurant, you have to buy produce. Are you getting good quality products at a good price? Or do you need to switch your produce guy? Just something worth considering when you take stock on a monthly basis.


Are you spending too much taking clients out to lunch and dinner? Are you paying employees too much overtime? Do you have unused offices that could be rented out to someone else so that you can get some money and put it back into your business? These are all things that need to be checked on a regular basis when running a business.

Cutting back is not a sign that you’re not doing well; it’s just smart business sense. Contact us to learn more about where you should cut back in your business.