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Changing the Way in Which We Look at Accountants Today

Nowadays, bookkeeping and accounting are considered unexciting jobs to say the least. Yes, you might acknowledge that accounting skills are necessary for running a business. However, most people don’t want to take on the task of tallying the debits and credits that emerge from business expenditures and sales.

We think of accountants as “nerds” or “geeks”; we need them to do their jobs but we don’t necessarily want to be them because we consider their jobs unglamorous and boring. However, it’s necessary to change this kind of attitude in our society and learn to see accounting as an exciting task rather than an onerous one.

Dutch Paintings of Accountants

Accounting wasn’t always considered a boring job. In fact, if you look at old Dutch paintings, you’ll find that merchants were always shown with the implements that they used for accounting.

In this article from the Boston Globe, you can see a painting titled “Portrait of a Merchant” by Jan Gossaert. The painting features a well-dressed man wearing the equivalent of what we would consider a designer outfit today. He’s writing in his ledger and behind his face, on either side, are stacks of receipts. The man looks proud of what he’s doing. He’s not bowed down in the way that we imagine accountants today.

The author of the above article writes, “Accounting paintings were a significant genre in Dutch art. For 200 years, the Dutch not only dominated world trade and portrayed themselves that way, but in hundreds of paintings, they also made sure to include the account books.”

Changing How We View Accountants Today

Wasn’t the Dutch way of viewing accountants really different from how we think of them today? At one time in history, accountants were considered important and even glamorous enough to be the subject of hundreds of paintings!

The reason behind this is clear: accountants handle money. They have learned the art of handling money in the right way so that they keep on increasing it rather than decreasing it. No one wants to run out of money in their business; the way to do this is by learning simple accounting skills that will keep you afloat.

So let’s all change our ideas about accounting and accountants and learn to see accounting as an important and even an exciting task. Contact us for more information.